Wall Decor

Ideas for wall décor of the apartment

Walls are most prominent and visible to the people and they are the perfect way to decorate your apartment. By using more creative ideas and tips, you can increase the entire décor of the apartment. The apartment will become more welcoming when you will place good decors on the walls of apartment. Here are some of the useful ideas for the walls so that you can decorate them in a most appropriate and perfect ways:

Add nothing:

It seems weird to you that nothing is on the top list of the ideas to decorate the walls but yes, most of the times, it is very important to keep some portions of the walls empty. When decorating the walls, don’t keep the wall in your mind, always consider about the whole room and apartment. You don’t have to put on too much stuff on the wall and make it messier.

Art work and paintings:

When you consider decorating the wall, the first thing that comes to your mind is the painting or the art work. Without a quality painting, a wall is always unattractive and the apartment gives the unpleasant look. There is a lot of variety in flat art work all over the world.


You may have hundreds of your and the family photos on your computer or in the smart phone but it is a great idea to display some of the unique and memorable photos over the wall. You can also display various religious photos with frames and so on.

Clocks and Mirrors:

There are many different items that we hang over the wall are also used for some purposes. The two main examples of this are the clocks and mirrors. Mirrors look beautiful and traditional when they are hanged over the walls. Prefer to hang on the large mirrors and wit heavy frames. You can also see your reflection. This will make your apartment appear open and bigger in size.

Along with this, a wall clock is also very important for the wall. This will add attraction to your wall but you can also see the time over it. Other than the mirror and a clock, you can also focus on televisions that are mounted on the walls, lightings and so on.

Your awards and diplomas:

Your awards and achievements mean a lot to you. These awards are proof of your success and achievements that resulted because of your efforts. In the study room, library area or even a small study area, you can display the awards over the wall.


Shelves are among the essentials of the apartment. It is the perfect solution for storage capacity in small apartment. You can add books, Decors, DVD and so many other things. You can place the shelves horizontally in one line in the kitchen and in the living room. Along with that, you can also make a small storage area just nearby the roof to store many heavy and bi items in it.