Trends keynote speaker: Real estate industry can lead Baton Rouge out of mediocrity

On paper, there’s no reason for Baton Rouge not being like the often-compared Texas capital city of Austin, said economist John Tuccillo, who delivered the keynote address today at the 2018 Trends in Baton Rouge Real Estate seminar.

Maybe. But no one at the moment is confusing Baton Rouge with Austin.

What makes the Texas capital city more attractive than Louisiana’s, says Tuccillo, are quality of life factors like schools, transportation, health care and vibrant urban development—all of which he suggests can be improved here with the help of the Baton Rouge real estate industry.

“The real estate industry should make it its primary business to be involved in economic development and planning for the whole region,” he told a packed gathering at the L’Auberge Casino and Hotel.

Tuccillo, an author and real estate and finance economist, examined the year ahead from an economic standpoint, bringing it back to the Baton Rouge real estate market. He argues Baton Rouge should not settle for mediocrity, especially when it comes to infrastructure, transportation, flood recovery as well as maintaining its relatively stable economic base.

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