Types of different apartments and their qualities

In different parts of the world apartments are related by different words and for different reasons. There are many types of apartments in Virginia also. They are mentioned below so that you can get to know a little better about apartment living.

Studio Apartment:

This is the smallest of the apartments that are independent feature-wise. They are called studio because they refer to efficiency or bachelor apartments, also known as studio flats in the UK. These are usually simply constructed and consist of one large main room which has the availability to provide as a living room, dining room and bedroom at the same time. There is an attached kitchenette too with a separate bathroom. UK has a modified form of studio flats which have the same single room accommodations but has a shared medium as a bathroom i.e. other residents also share the same bathroom. In Korea studio apartments are known as ‘wonroom’. There is another type of studio apartment that has one bedroom besides the rest of the apartment. It has a living room, a dining room and a kitchen combined along with a separate bedroom.

Garden apartment:

The first Garden Apartments in America were built in 1900s’. Garden apartments are low-rise apartments that are part of a building. As the name suggests these buildings are surrounded by landscaped gardens. These apartment buildings arranged in a way so that they open to the courtyards. These garden apartments are similar to a townhouse. Each apartment has a private building entrance or there is a common staircase used by everyone. They have adjoined lobbies. Each apartment inhabits a single story of the building. These are usually not more than three stories and so they don’t have elevators or lifts. Each garden apartment has a garage to accommodate one car. As the name suggests these are usually built on ground levels or one level above mostly built with wooden frames, thin plaster board-based exterior and interior dry walls.

Secondary suite:

These suites are usually made by separating a part of the house completely from the rest of the house kind of like guest houses. These are often illegally created and rented by non-family members like paying guests. These can also be found in the basement of the houses known as “mother-in-law suites”.


Maisonette extracted from the French word maisonnette which means “little house”. They are usually large apartments that expand in two or more floors. They are connected through a staircase within the maisonette. They have an independent entrance from the rest of the maisonette usually built upon a shop or a retail outlet. They are also known as Cottage flats and Tyneside flats.

Communal apartments:

These apartments have a common kitchen and bath that is shared by a certain number of residents. The usual number of apartments that share a bath and kitchen is five. These are majorly owned by the government to allot to government servants on temporary basis.

These are a few types of apartments with descriptions so that you know how to choose in between them and pick the one that suits you the best.